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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Watch out for these email addresses

I guess I am starting to have enough internet presence that hackers are starting to notice me. mhsboxoffice@aol.com, 3dboss@compasswa.com, just to let you know, I'm not stupid enough to open an attachment from somebody I've never heard of! Marie, aka 3dboss, your IP is and you tried to send me W32Beagle@mm.zip. mhsboxoffice, your IP is, and you tried to send me W32Mydoom.L@mm in a readme.zip file. I have excellent internet security, and I don't POP3 my public email address, so you can't exploit that weakness. Welcome to the spotlight.


Richard Hicks said...

Chances are those email addresses are either harvested or randomly generated from a dictionary of words, using an unsecured public SMTP server.

The IP's you list are probably obtained from the headers of the emails you recieved. In this case you have infact listed the IP addresses of two unsecured servers in the worst case, or the last two smtp relays that those emails went through. Not the IP addresses of the senders.

Also Beagle, and mydoom are worms, they typically infect people's computers raid text files, favourites, contact lists for email addresses then take it upon themselves to automatically distribute themselves around the internet.

There is an almost 99.9% chance that the people you mention had no idea that they are in fact propagating the virus.

On a more on topic note however, I came to your blog after clicking a link on the 400pound mile blog. Its been fascinating reading, truely inspiring stuff, only hope that you carry it on and achieve everything you want to achieve now you are able to live your life as a normal person!

Best of luck with your academic persuits as well.

Really really good work!!!

Purely amazing change there.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks, Richard, much appreciated!

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