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Friday, June 23, 2006

Monument Valley and Colorado

Monument Valley, home of some of the most majestic rock formations on the planet. It has towering spires of red rock and desolate valley floors. This was the first time RAAM went through Monument Valley, and I feel priveleged to have come through this little patch of God's Earth. I've always loved this patch of the country. Highway 160 runs through and along this route, Rob was making fantastic time, especially on the drop down into monument valley. If you were watching the video I posted, you'll have seen he was hitting up near 60 mph on that particular downhill. Rob and I truly share taste in downhill styles, we are both bullets! The faster, the better! As a refresher, though, here are some of the stills from Monument Valley.
Now we crossed into Colorado, and made it to Durango and had trouble with backup van. It started overheating before we got out of town. Kyle, pictured below is the man who got us fixed up! Happily this didn't happen on top of Wolf Creek Pass. Yup, Wolf Creek Pass, folks, that pass made famous by the CW McCall song about the runaway truck into Pagosa Springs! This is a steep, long pass and Rob was complaining that the cars kept getting in his way going down the hill and he couldn't get above 60! Other than the beautiful terrain and the overheat, Durango to Trinidad was more or less uneventful.

**Final RAAM (Race Across America) Results posted at my MSN Blog

1 comment:

CactusFreek said...

Those hills look awesome! But there is no cactus lol

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