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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Headed to the Coast Tomorrow!

Well, here it is! The Day before I leave to fly to San Diego. The great race awaits! This will be the last time I personally post til I get back. Earlena will be running the blogs for me, so guys, be easy in her! Get those miles in to her and allow for any misses! Keep Spinning, all!


Christa said...

Have a good trip and good luck :D
We'll all behave...well, at least I will :)

Peg said...

Good Luck T!!! I know it is customary to say break a leg, but...............;-0}
Have a safe flight!! Have a great time!!
And Earlena, we can now party since T is away, eh?!!!! ;-0};-0}

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Christa!

Peg, you are naughty......I saw that! :D

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