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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Here are some Italian Fixie riders cutting it in the streets of Milan.


Tyler's Story said...

Hey Tom, love the video its awsome!

Just wanted you to know I linked you over it, its on my blog right now, well a link to this post.!

Take care man

- Tyler

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hey Tyler, My video is a couple of posts down, called "A Year in the Life: Runaway Train". Just letting you know! :)

t. said...

Hey Tom, this is t. on the Fat Fighters blog roll (with lovely Tyler!) : using this login pf another project because I cannot use my own to post on your blog (blogger is acting all weird!).

I wanted to say the video is awesome! I live in Milan and I once used to be on the train you see at the beginning every day!!!
While this is a very familiar landscape, this is definitely not the centre of Milan, more the far outskirts.

Also! I must do some advertising and mention that a city 40 minutes north of Milan will be guesting the 2008 World Champioship for Cycling!!! It is a really amazing area for cycling, pretty close to the Alps and known to train lots of champions! My dad used to cycle there when he was thinner (as for me I do not even know how to ride a bike!).
Should any of you decide to come this way for that, make sure not to miss the possibly best Crytical Mass event in the entire world! Bikers go right through the beautifully lit historical city centre at night and even do one full big circle around the 12th century Gothic cathedral in the main square of Milan! Not to be missed if you end up there!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Cool, and I think I may well be planning a trip to Milan in '08!

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