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Monday, May 28, 2007

How to adapt a Standard Rear Rack for a Delta Recumbent Trike: SunEZ-3 for touring

It turned out a lot easier and cheaper than I thought! All it really took was a slight modification to an Avenir Rack.
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2 shackle bolts
Avenir Rack
2 Grade 8 bolts, nuts and lockwashers.

Mount the down struts on the rack to the lower subframe basket mounts on the rear axle assembly. You will need to spread the rack stays to do this.

Mount the shackle bolts to the center tube on the seatback, bend the front mounts on the rack to match and twist the mounts 90ยบ so they can be slid over the lower bolt of the shackles

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Do any bending adjustments to assure as level a rack as possible, and then mount your bags. This will accommodate a trunk bag nicely as well as the Trek Basic Pannier set nicely

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After testing with a 25 pound load, it had no effect on how the trike handles and it had surprisingly good results. I'll be working on a better looking alternative to bending the forward mounting struts and will post them once I have it finalized.

1 comment:

Neil said...

Love where you have that water bottle. I'd love to get my cage off the frame, since it's getting crowded in there. Pump, cage, U-lock, espresso machine... it all adds up.

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