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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Spinner Saturday

Here it is, the end of September. The year is really flying by, isn't it? Well, Mrs Stormcrowe and I had a pretty decent week this week. I have 167 miles and Mrs Stormcrowe topped 50 for the first time.

On to other news, I'd like to welcome three new members to Spinner Saturday. Air, 51, and ShakenBake from over at Bike Forums. They are fellow Clydesdales, like myself. For those of you readers that heven't ever heard what a Clydesdale is in reference to cycling, it's a man over 200 pounds. A woman over 150 pounds is referred to as an Athena. Sounds a lot better than a Clydesdale, doesn't it? Get those miles in to me and I'll be posting the charts on Monday as usual.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Spinner Report


Sept 2006 08/22/06 08/30/06 Total
Mrs Stormcrowe 75
Cee 9

Juvenile Tim D

Total for week 84 0 84
Sept 2006 08/22/06 08/30/06 Total
TheMrs 8
Tom Stormcrowe 175
Tayfur 220
Big Mike 166
Juvenile Tim 235
DanonBike 162.1
Arctic Jill 294.2
Gorilla 30
Uncle Dan! 333.5


JP Smee

Texas Mike 275
ShawnK 70.21
GRP TOT. 1969.01 0 1969.01

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Spinner Saturday

I apologize for my absence again! Well, here it is, a gray and gloomy Spinner Saturday here in Indiana. My miles for the week are 8 and a big fat goose egg for last week. School has been keeping me extremely busy! A Big wahoo for Tayfur, who shot me a 200 mile month to date! Good job, Tayfur, cool weather cycling is certainly more pleasant in Turkey, eh? Get me those miles, folks and I'll post the charts either Sunday evening or Monday Morning!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


More Python Trek!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Quick Explanation of my Absence......

Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not deceased! Unfortunately, I am currently getting my butt kicked in classes right now. I'm keeping up and holding the grades, but the classes I am taking right now are challenging and require a lot of time. I'll catch up the Spinner Report this weekend with a two week special edition. I also have an article in the planning stages that I hope to have ready for Saturday concerning the physiological effects of cycling and what you can do to combat certain factors that develop when you ride a LOT! See all of you Saturday and keep riding!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Murata Boy, the Robot that can Ride Bicycles

Very cool video!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Animadog...the adventure begins

I know this is cheesie, but I couldn't resist an homage to early claymation technique. Enjoy!

Here's a .gif I just put together with GIMP

Feel free to use it as an Avatar or Smilie.

Direct Link: click here

Use it with my compliments!

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Spinner Report

The Spinner Report

Aug 2006 08/05/06 08/12/06 08/19/06 08/26/06 09/02/06 Grand Total
TheMrs 19 25 28 15 15 102
Tom Stormcrowe 24 60 38 15 182 319
0 30

Big Mike 49.4 0 67.2 15.7 21 153.3
Juvenile Tim 55 6 26 20 13 120
DanonBike 57.6 71.3 74.8 33.5 13.6 250.8
Arctic Jill 66.2 76.1 56.2 134.9 19.5 352.9
0 0

Uncle Dan! 30 113 140 90 100 473
Psycho 5 30 7

30 0

JP Smee 74.43 59.75 0
27 161.18
Texas Mike 167 74 97 114 73 525

Sunday, September 03, 2006

144 MIles Turned Into 167!

There was a bridge out on the route I planned on my ride from Lafayette, Indiana to Syracuse, Indiana. %$@^ ROAD CONSTRCTION! I am home now and in EXTREME pain! I did a sub 12 hr 167 mile ride instead of the 144 I had planned. As I said, I'm hurting, but it hurts so good! Elapsed time on the ride was 11:30! Labor Day weekend traffic absolutely sucked. I was almost hit by an obnoxious teemaged driver getting impatient and passing and cutting back in between me and my SAG wagon, nearly hitting me in the process. I had the wife driving our van as SAG support, with Amber Strobes on the roof and a SMV triangle as well as a banner on the tailgate reading Cyclist ahead. I feel rather lucky I wasn't hit, believe me, there ain't no thrill like a car zipping by you at 70 mph on a country road with 6" clearance! I HATE TEENAGE DRIVERS IN SOUPED UP MUSCLE CARS....at least that particular one!

I wound up starting out just before sunrise, I wanted to get some miles in before the traffic got hairy. Temp was 54 degrees with a light fog. It felt COLD! The entire ride was done against a headwind varying between 10 and 15 mph. As the day progressed, the clouds and light fog burned off into a glorious sunny afternoon with 69 degrees as a high. I hit the wall about the 90 mile point and was getting pretty discouraged, but decided to continue after the wife reminded me I didn't have to do this if I didn't want to, that it was fine if I quit (God, I hate it when she uses that word, it's a spur in the ol' side if ya know what I mean! )

I ran through a couple of really nice towns (Townships?) around the west side of North Manchester. One was called Ijamsville, and the other was Lakewood. The Lakewood FD was out and offered me water and Gatorade, nice guy's! I was using primarily liquid nutrition this ride and my sugars held up really well! I did get close to bonking, and that's why I was a bit discouraged. I pushed a bit too hard, I think, but still made it. This was a new high mileage day for me. It feels great, and I'm still feeling pretty trashed, but recovering well. Hydratrion went well and I hit Syracuse hungry as a bear! All evening and most of today, I've been nibbling and drinking fluids. MY average speed was 14.52 MPH. Not bad for an old middleaged fart!

Friday, September 01, 2006

My Family Probably Thinks I'm Crazy!

Get me those miles, I'll post the Spinner Report Tuesday this week to complete August miles, I'll not be doing a post tomorrow, so this is in SUBSTITUTION for Spinner Saturday. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to achieve a new daily high mileage ride! After 144 miles tomorrow, I fully expect to look like this! Homer Crawling

I'll have 12 hrs to complete the ride with daylight. It's doable! Well, gotta run....carbo-loading as we type here and then early to bed!

My latest AV Montage....from Race2Replace! Enjoy!

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