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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video from the Sizzling Century Ride, Aug 19, 2007: Ride Report

Well, the ride had rain at the midpoint. I'm happy to say the Voler Wind Shell is waterproof as well as well ventilated. My cheap Planet Bike fenders did the job as well! All in all, the Breakaway Bike Club put on a very well organized ride! The route was so well mapped the worst map reader on the planet could avoid getting lost. I highly recommend this ride for the future and will be doing it again next year.

My knee let loose again at the 67 mile point, unfortunately, but I think I have the issue identified now and can address it. There are no structural abnormalities in the cartilage, that's a big plus! Well, without Further ado, here's the videos. I ran out of batteries, si I couldn't document the whole ride, but the view is from a camera on my handlebars. I'll detail the mounting system I rigged another day

Part I

Part II

Part III

Hope you enjoy the videos. Have a great one everyone!


Dan said...

Pretty cool!

I especially like beginning of the first video where the music builds as your speed increases and your buddies' cadence increases.

In #3, what kind of tandem passes by? It looks like it had smaller wheels, like a folding bike (or the riders were GIANTS!).

I'm curious to see how you lashed the camera to the handlebars. I'm always looking for new ideas.

Unknown said...

That was a Bike Friday Folding Tandem.

camera mount was EXTREMELY high tech......a $2.99 tabletop tripod, 4 zip ties and a bungie cord

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