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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Information wanted: Chicago Critical Mass Incident

This was posted in the Great Lakes Forum at Bike Forums. If any of my readers in the Chicago area have information on this incident, please pass it along to the email address below.

If you are also a Blogger, could you please crosspost this to your cycling blogs? It would be great if we managed to help nail this person!

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, so if I make any mistakes, please bear with me.

Last friday night, my family (5) and a young friend of my daughter's rode in Chicago's Critical Mass. We've been doing CCM rides since 2001, and we are very experienced cyclists (kids included). There were at least 1500 cyclists for this ride, with the destination being the endangered Berwyn Spindle (public art Car-kebob, featured in Wayne's World movie).

We were at the end of the Mass, on 18th Street, riding through the wonderful Pilsen neighborhood when all hell broke lose. A maroon car with front end damage came careening off Throop street, and proceeded to plow through the tail end of the Mass of about 100 cyclists. Bikers scattered in all directions trying to avoid him. Unfortunately, my 10 year old son wasn't so fortunate, and he was hit by this alleged drunken driver (who actually accelerated into him).

Thankfully, my son suffered no permanent damage. He will recover. He is also moving beyond his fear of getting on a bike again.

The State's Attorney's office is seeking any other victims of this crime. The driver was uninsured and had a revoked driver's license. I would like to see him unable to drive a car for a very long time. The more evidence they have of this driver's willful and reckless driving, the better the chances of keeping him off the road.

If you were injured or your bike damaged in this incident, PLEASE contact me offlist (at repto@aol.com, or at 708-388-8662). If you know of anyone who was injured or who's bike was damaged, please forward this email to them! Time is of the essence, so please feel free to forward this to any listservs or other cycling venues that you are aware of.

Tiny url link--
The Sun-Times has interviewed me, but I'm not sure if they have run the article yet or not.

Thank you for any and all help!

Jane Healy
mom to Will (10), Katie (7) and Genevieve (3)

p.s. I've included a photo of his legs taken today. You can't see it in this photo, but his entire right lower leg is swollen. His elbows, left hip, right arm and face are also bruised. And yes, he WAS wearing his helmet (thank God).


Yokota Fritz said...

What a nutcase. sheesh. (the driver, not the cyclists)

Unknown said...

I agree, that's aprt of the reason I posted this.....

I was hoping that someone that reads me could help out!

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