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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I had a mixed day today(Wednesday)

I haven't gone to bed yet today, so it's still Wednesday for me! I had a mixed day today. Good news-bad news kind of thing. First the good news! I lost another 10 pounds, I weighed in and have lost a cumulative total of 171 pounds now. Now for the bad part. I had a bit of a disappointment as well, my Doctor refused to even consider letting me compete in a mountainbike race at the end of July. He insists I need a full cardio and pulmonary workup before I can do this and I'm not ready for it yet. Frustrating, but it's probably sensible! I'm only a couple of months out of the wheelchair after all! He did encourage me to continue training for racing though as long as I don't compete yet. I tend to forget, no matter how much better I feel, I'm not out of the woods yet. I'll at least be there and watch though, even if I am not allowed to compete yet! It'll give me a chance to see what goes on at a mountainbike event at least! This is not to mention it's a great excuse to go camping as well! Oh well, next year, and I'll be in a realistic position to compete and WIN then! Well, good night for now, see ya later!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here are the results!

I have lost 161 pounds now! Wahoo! I had a bit of trouble with dinner last night, stomach cramps and spasms, but this is normal from time to time! I had waited too long to eat is all it was. NOTE TO SELF: Keep meal times as regular as possible so it doesn't happen too often.
If you go too long without eating, your stomach tends to clench down, and when you insert food initially, you experience PAIN! Another reason to stay as regular as possible is that too abnormal of an eating pattern, your body goes into conservation(or famine) mode and slows down the fat burnoff to "keep you alive" til the "famine" is over. This is very counterproductive where weight loss is concerned!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Here's a tidbit!

Well, hello all! I made a good solid ride last week! On 6/18, I rode out to Fairfeild Lakes County Park. It was 7.1 miles against a headwind, uphill all the way coming up out of the Wabash Valley! I'll tell ya, it FELT GOOD! I weigh in tomorrow, so I'll have a post for you then as well! See y]all tomorrow! Y'all come back now!(:-P)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Weigh in! Still shrinking!

This is gonna be a short post! I'm still shrinking! 157 pounds! Wahoo! Having Bean and Rice Chicken chili tonight! Tastes great, and easy! Cook the beans in Chicken broth with Chicken breast. Black pepper and 2 TBSP of Chili powder are cooked in. LAst add rice to the mix. The amounts are to taste(I never really measure!). Low cal and loaded with protien and complex amino acids! Bon Appetite'

Saturday, June 11, 2005

New weigh in and post Dr news

Good day, all! I am late posting this because I've been busy all week! Wednesday, I had an appt with my surgeon for a followup! At my weighin i was at that time 151 pounds down! I am apparently way ahead of the curve as far as rate of loss goes. All is going well, and I'm well on the way to my new life! Well, gotta run as I'm off for a ride! See ya! WAAHOO!

Monday, June 06, 2005

I dropped a "Gross" of gross fat pounds! ;-)

144 pounds off as of yesterday, 12 dozen; or one "Gross! :-D I feel fantastic! I have a ride planned for next weekend, so I might not post a new weight till Monday or Tuesday. I'll tell ya! The Cycling is going great! It's fantastic exercise and it's fun! You can feel yourself getting stronger and the progress is rapid. I am currently averaging 50 miles a week now in a mix of road and trail miles. The trail miles are the ones that give me the best workout by the way! My Mountain Bike is holding up well and I love the "Cyclists High" when the endorphins kick in and push me past the wall. I am getting to love the muscle burn as well as it tells me I'm burning calories at a good rate. My doctor tells me it's doing my legs a world of good too. My right leg isn't swelling anymore and my left leg has lost 99% of its swelling. My left leg is down to one wound and it's healing at a fantastic rate!(An aside here: I've been fighting Venous Stasis Ulcers on my legs for almost 10 years.) When this last wound heals, I will be Leg Ulcer free for the first time in about 8 years.

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