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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here are the results!

I have lost 161 pounds now! Wahoo! I had a bit of trouble with dinner last night, stomach cramps and spasms, but this is normal from time to time! I had waited too long to eat is all it was. NOTE TO SELF: Keep meal times as regular as possible so it doesn't happen too often.
If you go too long without eating, your stomach tends to clench down, and when you insert food initially, you experience PAIN! Another reason to stay as regular as possible is that too abnormal of an eating pattern, your body goes into conservation(or famine) mode and slows down the fat burnoff to "keep you alive" til the "famine" is over. This is very counterproductive where weight loss is concerned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom:

I am so proud of you and can see the changes every time I see you, both in great weight loss and an obvious change is personality. You are getting back to the person I used to know - happy, healthy, outgoing, and brilliant! Keep working on the book - an inspiration to everyone who reads your work.

Big Momma

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Mom!

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