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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Great NPR Piece: A Four Mile Commute by Bicycle!

Weekend Edition Sunday, May 20, 2007 · Ah, the joy of a bike ride. Cool breeze, sun at your back.

But also narrow streets and rude drivers. Not to mention menacing dogs and murderous buses.

So why does anybody bike to work? There is an audio link to listen to the piece as well



Fritz said...

We bike to work because we're not menaced by dogs and bus drivers. The media -- even NPR -- has to sensationalize just to make it "interesting."

Imagine if NPR did a story in a typical car commute.

"I got in the car. I turned the key to start the engine, backed out of the driveway. I counted four stop signs and eight traffic lights. The freeway most mostly clear. I pulled into the parking lot at work. I arrived safely -- hurray!"

My bike commute is also a lot like that.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yeah, I know, but at least it's a positive piece instead of making us look like a lunatic fringe! :)

uncadan8 said...

What, you mean we're NOT a lunatic fringe??? And I thought I was being different!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Nope, Tourists are the "Lunatic Fringe".....witness me!

Fritz said...

Hey Tom,

You posted a thing about the Prokop case in Los Angeles not long ago. The decision was made for the city of Los Angeles yesterday. See


Tom Stormcrowe said...


I'll get something up on it.

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