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Friday, June 02, 2006

My Morning Ride

This was my morning ride today, 25.4 miles, and I met the wife in Frankfort. I made the ride in 1hr 15min. Terrain is rolling and wind was 9mph from the North. Temperature was 73F, with a dew point of 55. This was a very comfortable morning ride! One very cool thing happened out on Newburg Road this morning. I spooked a pheasant cock from the ditch and he was flying right alongside me for about 100 feet or so. Beautiful bird and I must say, if I had been in the van, I never would have seen him!
  • Miles: 25.4
  • AVG Speed: 20.3
  • Calories: 1441
  • Watts: 335
  • Duration: 01:15:04.4

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