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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hello everyone , me again. The Mrs.

Tom has sent me a couple of email's for ya to look at.

First one is. (I am no good at this copy and pasteing stuff, so it had to be typed out)

Greetings from a RAAM Crewdog!

Hi, just updating...
We are currently in Durango, Co. This is a bit over 800 miles in three days! rob is currently in 6th place.

By the way, here's a bit of RAAM humor:

Q: If a RAAM Crewdog is trying to pick up a woman, what kind of birth control does he most commonly use?

A: Either his hygiene or his personality!

Well, I gotta run, been a busy few days I can tell you!


That was email one. Now here is the next.

Can I develop the physical ability to ride RAAM? In reflection on what I have experienced in the past few days, the answer is no. I am watching riders like Rob Lucas, who I am crewing for and what they are going through. Here are the current stangings as of this email:

Position Rider Miles into Miles to
Race Finish
1. 123 MarkoBaloh 977 2065.8
2. 133 Jonathan Boyer 977 2065.8
3. 144Jure'robic-DNF
Medical 885.5 2157.3
4. 130 David Tinker 885.5 2157.3
5. 134 Kenny Souza 815.3 2227.5
6. 129 Rob Lucas 815.3 227.5

It should be noted that Jure' Robic was DNF'd for medical. This puts Rob at actually 5th place.

Talk soon
The Mrs.

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