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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Spinner Saturday

Here it is, another Spinner Saturday. Matter of fact, the first since crewing for Rob Lucas in RAAM. Rob, unfortunately had to withdraw from RAAM, with the official reason of Timing out. The actual reason though, was physical. See his blog if you are interested. Rob, it was a magnificent effort and remember, you outlasted quite a few big names!
Spinner Saturday
OK, on to Spinner Saturday, my miles for the week are 72. My ride miles are way down right now, as I am still experiencing blood sugar swings after my little blood sugar crash in crewing for Rob. I'm having a bit of trouble holding the blood sugars up on a ride right now. This wll normalize, my Doctor assures me, and is getting better each ride. I'm fine tuning the diet regimen now, but it seems that riding in hot weather burns the sugars faster than riding in cold weather. Odd, you'd think it would be the other way around, burnuing more calories to stay warm as well as the higher air density and heavier clothes! Botched, if you are reading me still, is that normal? Well, I have to run, as it's getting a bit late and I am still tired from a 25 miler I did over to my Sister in Law's to give her car a tune up. Oh yes, I almost forgot, apparently I am being featured in "What's my Story" next week over on MSNSpaces, how could I forget that? Let's trot out the votes, folks! Click the title to visit Rob's Blog by the way.

Here's a bit of rather bizarre video that's cycling related, enjoy:

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