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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I am Home

Hi all, I am home. I had to drop out of Rob's RAAM crew due to my diabetes acting up. I had a major sugar crash (Sugar was way too low!) and got a bit on the brittle side as far as my blood sugar goes. Don't let anybody kid you, crewing RAAM is as tough on the crew as it is on the rider, with long workdays and short sleep. It's hard to eat right as well, and those factors got together and ganged up on me. I got home tonight and my Doctor wants to see me on Monday as well as my blood sugar logs. I'll start posting some stories from the road in a day or so, just need to get some sleep. I am POOPED! Good night all!


Christa said...

Ack!! Take good care of yourself and get some rest :hugs:
Hope you had a good time in spite of the blood sugar and a lousy diet :)

Shannin said...

Sorry you couldn't finish, but it sounds like you had a killer time. Can't wait to hear the details!

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