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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Ride to Old Mill Run, in Thorntown, Indiana

Today I rode out to Thorntown, Indiana. The ride was more or less uneventful. Trip distance was 29 miles, less one mile I had The Mrs shuttle me over a gravel section of the road. Towns I passed through were Stockwell, Indiana, and Bower, Indiana. Stockwell is a tiny little town, which used to be a railroad town, founded in 1859. Bower, though, is just a little collection of houses in Montgomery County on CR 800. The point of note there is a church that's in ruins. Shame to see it abandoned like that!

Indiana countryside is beautiful this time of year, by the way. The corn is up and the old saying goes “Knee high by the Fourth of July”. Well, it's waist high. The corn is doing great! I have some pictures from the ride to show you Indiana and what it looks like. Today was a fantastic day! Another site was the “Colored Cemetary” out by Thorntown, Indiana. It is a reminder of segregation and it predates the Civil War. It was founded in 1836.

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