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Monday, June 05, 2006

Spinner Report

Welcome to the Spinner Report for Monday, June 5, 2006. First, we have some new business. Let's welcome JP Smee to the Spinner Saturday group. JP is from Tidewater country down in Chesapeake, Virginia and is a newbie cyclist who, like myself, took up cycling to help with weight loss and getting back in shape! Good on ya, JP, pour yourself a glass of your favorite adult beverage and join us in a toast to your new mission! ::HOIST GLASSES:: “Was thu hael!” (This is an Anglo-Saxon toast, by the way which means life and prosperity, or if you prefer, the Vulcan version, “Live long and prosper”!). JP is off to a roaring start, by the way with 89.2 miles this week! The current High Roller is Big Mike, down in Australia with 307.2 miles.(Whooee, dawggie!)
  • Rider, Week Miles, Month Total Miles
  • Mrs Stormcrowe, 8, 8
  • Tom Stormcrowe, 258, 258
  • Tayfur Yagci , 3, 3
  • Big Mike , 307.2, 307.2
  • Caloi Rider, 0, 0
  • Juvenile Tim, 61, 61
  • Dan On Bike, 42.3, 42.3
  • Arctic Jill*, 158.7, 158.7
  • Gorilla, 33, 33
  • Al Maviva, 229, 229
  • Pernicious, 10, 10
  • Uncle Dan, 87.3, 87.3
  • Psycho Cyclist, 56.5, 56.5
  • Yelme, 58, 58
  • ShawnK, 91.5, 91.5
  • JP Smee, 89.2, 89.2
  • Group Totals, 1492.7, 1492.7
  • *Jill had some carryover from May
As you can see, we are off to a rocking start for June. Keep it up all, let's get some miles and wear down some rubber on the bike tires! Spinner Saturday will run normally over the time period I will be on break. The only difference will be that Mrs Stormcrowe will be running the database and posting everything. I am currently training her to run the database and all the little publication tricks to format and publish the tables and graphs.
West Lafayette Rider Doing the Trans Am
Do drop by Joy Santee's page on Crazy Guy on a Bike and follow her Trans Am tour from East to West. She looks like she's having a ball (Even if she never did master “Kentuckian”)! As of May 31, 3 weeks in, she had made it to Rough River in Kentucky, 974 miles from her starting point, Norfolk, Virginia. Her page is at http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/journal/?o=lt&doc_id=1291&v=14n Stop in and sign her guestbook!
Upper Chesapeake has bariatric class
Upper Chesapeake Health offers a free informational class, "Bariatric Surgery: New Course for Life," at 5:30 p.m. June 13 in the Havre de Grace Room at Harford Memorial Hospital. Participants can learn whether this surgery is right for them. Staff of Upper Chesapeake Bariatric Surgery present the classes. Information: 800-515- 0044.
Baltimore Sun Online, retrieved from Google June 4, 2006

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