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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We need a blog day dedicated to our rides! I'd suggest "Spinner Saturday"!

It could be something like Half Naked Thursday! Saturday, the cyclists who post their weekly rides, crashes, disasters, etc., could use this day to post specifically their weekly ride stats and pictures! On spinner Saturday, we can brag to each other, post pics of fat bicyclists in Spandex(tm), in other words, what we normally do but with a special day for it!

Further on zen and the art of cycling: When I reach the zen state, I am aware of what goes on, as far as I know, I'm just in the zone and detached from my body. There is NO pain, no stress, nothing but the interaction of me and the road, or trail! I react to other traffic, but I'm so into the ride that nothing else matters. In Japan, they call it a munen, or mushin state, the terms are synonymous. It's essentially where the mind stops moving from one place to another. In effect, you have achieved a sense of stillness. When you achieve this, you then experience a state of mushin no shin (mind of no mind) and this doesn't mean you are nuts!::GRIN:: It means you are detached and in a meditative state, similar to what the Japanese swordsmen experience in the practice of their art, an utter sense of peace and internal quiet, no noise, no distractions, just a perfect ride. This is as close as I can come to putting this concept into words. See everyone later!


Tom said...

Usually right about the time everything seems flow and I'm in the groove. BAM!
Front tire washes out and I'm on my butt.

seeya man

Carolyn said...

Hi! Very interesting, Stormcrowe. We have a sort of "mushin" state of mind here in WV too. It's called "moonshine" ;D

P.S. Had a time getting into your comments, kept getting a msg saying Blog not found. Blogger must be having probs 'cause I haven't been able to comment nearly anywhere today.

Caloi-Rider said...

I'm game

Caloi-Rider said...

For Spinner Saturday, I mean.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Figured that! Glad you're participating, Caloi!

FatChick said...

This is something I have never experienced but would love to. I need to ride my bike more I guess ::grins::.

I have my eye set on a bike for Xmas this year. It's also the second bike picture on my blog. Here's hopin'!

~ FC

Tom Stormcrowe said...

So F.C., you want the Jeep Cherokee Mountainbike, huh? looks like a cool ride! A couple of things you need to think about though. 1st, how heavy is it? I notice it has disc brakes, that's a plus! The only other question is how much extra are you going to pay for licensing the Jeep nameplate vs. another bike with the same frame geometery and suspension for fewer $$? You might be able to pick up a Trek or a "Stumpjumper" from specialized and have a FAR superior ride as far as performance goes. IIRC< the Jeep bikes are made by Pacific, like Huffy, Murray and Schwinn now. It's a mass market bike. Not a bad one mind you, I currently ride a Pacific made bike, but I bought it used for very few $$. If you want thew Jeep bike though, go for it, there isn't a thing wrong with it and it's a good bike! I just offered a couple of points to consider!

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