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Monday, November 21, 2005

Spinner Saturday Charting Results

As promised, here are the results of the Spinner Saturday mileages turned in to me. If you want to have results posted I need them by Monday morning at least, consider Monday 0800 "bedtime" for the week for charting the data. That would be 0900 ET, 0700 MT, 0600 PT. I'll be happy to track, collate and chart your data and if you aren't on the chart, all you need to do is post into my comments on Spinner Saturday, or any other comment section and let me know your miles for the week, longest and shortest ride, terrain and wind conditions, I'll add you to the chart! This might be my last post for the Thanksgiving holiday, as I'll be out of town, but I will post my rides after. If Spinner Saturday becomes Spinner Sunday next weekend, please understand! Tayfur, recruit some Turkish riders for "Spinner Saturday", I'll track their stats as well! By the way, my link of the day is to Tayfur's blog! The link is embedded in this headline! Tayfur is from Istanbul, Turkey and a regular commenter on the Amazing Shrinking Man and a fellow cyclist! Drop by and say hello! Don't mind my geeky comment there::GRIN::


Caloi-Rider said...

Mr. Crowe,
Forgiveness, but my stats were somewhat sketchy for the weekend. Read my blog for details.
Hope you had a good weekend.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Wow! I barely got the post out! No forgiveness needed Caloi, I wasn't chiding anyone at all, just explaining why some of the charts hadn't moved is all, I figured you have been busy is all. We'll get your data caught up as soon as I get it is all! See ya on your blog!

tayfur said...

yo! T. buddy! thanks for linking to my site man!

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