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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The results so far on "Spinner Saturday!

I am running a performance chart on the posting Participants of "Spinner Saturday! Here it is! So far, Tay and BIG Mike only have one data point, so their stats will rapidly change next week! As promised to Tim, I've embedded a link in this title and welcome to the wacky, wide world of BLOGGING, Tim! As people chime in and post stats, I also expect to add columns and rows to this chart!


Tom said...

Thats a pretty cool idea. I must have not paid that much attention to the post when you started it.

Its kinda like the reason I originally started a blog. I had decided to do a race and would use the blog to let my friends now what I was getting accomplished in the way of training. That way they could razz me when I didn't do anything.

tommy (gorilla)

Tom said...

Oh yeah,
I use a program called mysportTraining to put my workouts in. It does all sort of cool graphs and keeps track of other health data.

To make you feel good tom.
45 miles on coaster singletrack.
longest 16.8
shortest 8.4

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I'll add you to the program, and I'm using excel myself, set up my own spread sheet and graphing template. I'll havr your data up next weel on the next "Spinner Saturday" results post, which of course will be Sunday! As to Spinner SAturday, it just posts into my "Spinner Saturday" Post every Saturday evening. I figured it would mike a nioce tool for others and serve as a spur to all! I can go a lot further with the data, by the way, including Wattage, Calorie burn, etc. All I'm posting on the charts right now though is total miles......seeing what the others think!

ZinniaSoCA said...

From MuMo - Thanks so much for posting on my blog and for adding all those great definitions! I will be adding them to the dictionary and also featuring them (and you) as part of the upcoming Addendum 3.


I log one to two easy hours a day on my "trainer" because I'm 100% disabled from lung cancer damage and a couple of recent heart surgeries. I wonder how many miles that is (it's an old exercise bike and my odometer is broken) How many miles can you do in a lazy hour on the flats (just tootling along) with hardly any resistance? Then I can figure I do about half of that.

Hugs to you and yer missus!,


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Well, lesee, MuMo, I'd guess that just toodling along on an older exercise bike would be 3-5 mph. Given your circumstance, that's just fine too! As you develop better health, (and you will,as I can attest to) your performance will go up at least to some extent. Be sure to follow the advice of your doctor though as to your maximum heart rate and be conservative as to how hard you do push. If I were you, I'd stay with easy pedalin and try to build endurance, by the way, rather than sprinting. The other thing I'd consider might be something like the SUN EZ-3 recumbent trike. They have an internet presence and a trike, if you poop out on a hill, you can just stop and rest, and no matter how much the hill slows you down, you won't fall over. It's kinda like riding a Lazy Boy(tm) recliner with wheels, by the way! What it boils down to, though MuMo, is I'd guess you average between 6-10 miles on your little toodles. This would be a reasonable figure.

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