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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Spinner Saturday(Which Falls on Sunday this Week)

Good morning and welcome to the Holiday Edition of Spinner Saturday! My riding miles for the week are a whopping 6! Tayfur got about 20. I still hope to hear from the others. Turkey day is now over and all will be back on schedule next week!
Riding: 6 miles
Walking: 12 miles
Chopping Firewood: Lots of Chopping
Terrain: Varied including Arctic temperatures
Wind: Frigid and strong............NASTY

By the way, here's a Church sign I'd love to see!
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tayfur said...

I did another18 miles today so 38 miles from me this week. An I2m reminding you it raine monday to friday!

I live in Turkey so Turkey day is never ove here :hop-my-big-belly-laugh:



Tom Stormcrowe said...

::GRIN:: Funny, Tayfur! OK, correction on the miles is noted and charted! I'll have the graph posted as soon as I have the other updates

tayfur said...

T! ı'm planning on some long walks this winter how about adding Walking Miles to the spinner saturday?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Wow, I was posting on your blog while you were posting on mine! Yeah, not a bad idea, I'll add a seperate category for the graph or a second graph! By the way, the graphs are in .jpg, you can post them to your blog as well if you want!

tayfur said...

yea that's a good idea, ıI'll start positng spinner saturday graphs that way we'll both increase the number of people seeing it and the number of peoplewho want to participate.

Peg said...

T, you simply amaze me! And thank you for the honor of being on your blogroll!! :-}

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Told you I waxs going to do it as soon as I debugged the template, Peg! Finally got it debugged and the links installed! Woohoo, what a bunch of work, line by line analysis of the HTML looking for the buggy line!

A.K.A.B.U. said...

the site look s great! Holy crap man...you are shriveling up. man I feel good for you T. the snow is falling ....I may go for a walk now...T..you are a good man!

ZinniaSoCA said...

Great church sign! WOW... that Tayfur sure is one cycling son of a gun, eh?

I wish these Blogger.com people would get over the word verification thing for every dang comment. Sometimes I foul up and keep having to do it over several times... LOL!!! I mean...like... uh.. I'm logged in, so that ought to be enough for them.



Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, MuMo, the verifacation is up by my choice. We have a problem with Sploggers over here in Blogspot and this is the only way I've found to defeat them from polluting my blog. The worst splog incident I had was someone posting a site selling CHEESECAKE recipe books to my comments, and as you might have guessed, this isn't compatible with the mission intent on my blog!::GRIN:: Verifacation is to defeat the bot driven splog.

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