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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Very chilly ride this morning!

Wow, I took my ride this morning, took off at about 7:00! It was 30 Deg! Wind chill was 22, and I wore my windvest and polar gloves and long sweats! I made the 7 miles from my house to Panera's for coffee and cracked and popped inside to get some coffee with a rhime of frost on me and frozen face and ears! The worst part was the icicle hanging from my moustache that I didn't know about because my face was numb! I stumbled up to the counter and ordered Dark Roast, Stat, I.V. in my best future medical personell command voice. After the ride it had difficulty; however, getting through my lips which had frozen together in my icicle on my moustache! This ride was FUN and it got me free coffee! The counterperson at Panera's said if I could ride to there for coffee in weather this cold, Panera's could just buy my coffee and my $$ was no good! Wonder what I'll get in January?::GRIN:: OK, on to you Peg, Thanks much for the Maynard gear for my nephew! Peg, by the way, is P. S. Murphy, author of a childrens book called "Maynard the Mannerly Monkey". This is a winner for you folk with young children, by the way! If you click the title you can link to her website www.psmurphy.com. She also along with the Maynard I purchased, signed the copy for my nephew, sent along four more for the library here in Lafayette,m and the library where my nephew lives in Cebu, PHILIPPINES. as well as a t-shirt and hat from maynard's Merchandise collection! Kid brother, they'll be in the mail by Dec 3! I look cold here, don't I? My wife shot my pic afterI walked in after my ride! Icicle melted though after my coffee stop!


Carolyn said...

Gee, you coulda pulled that icicle off your mustache and stirred your coffee with it, ;) Give a new meaning to Iced Cappacino!

I would have died in that cold! It's very brrrrr here tonight and my dog walk was very short.

A.K.A.B.U. said...

looking good in that pic T. sorry I haven't been around for a while. I am making my rounds to all the sites I haven't been to in a while. That cold down there now hey? we have about two feet of snow on the local mountains right now and some of the ski hills have opened up the earliest ever. could it be a big snow winter? i can live with that..

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Good morning CArolyn and B.U.! Yeah, B.u>, I think it's gonna be a big snow year for the Pac NW! I hope here too! It's starting to change around here right now, and the weather is a bit wierd! One morning it's 60 Deg and the next it's 30! We had a November tornado in Southern Indiana around Evansville, IN last Sunday and that storm front brought us 70 mph winds ourselves!(70 mph=113 kph)It was a tad airy! Carolyn, I liked your addition, by the way!

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