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Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's "Spinner Saturday" Again!

First off, a Crass Commercial plug for my LBS! Hodson's Bay, in West Lafayette is a wonderfull bike shop. They have been unstinting in their advice and support of my riding! Thanks, Dan and all the others down at Hodson's Bay! Click the headline of this post and you'll be redirected to their site! Before you do, though, read me and comment if ya want!

OK, on to the business at hand! It of course is "Spinner Saturday" and here are the specs!
Longest Ride: 14 miles
Shortest : 7 miles
Total :21
There were only two rides this week unfortunately, due to bad weather and school sucking up my time. Oh well, it's for a good cause, so I must sacrifice my ride time for now!

Weight Loss: -292! My weight is now a 289 pounds, woohoo! Life is sweet!


ZinniaSoCA said...

I am really impressed with your progress!



Peg said...

Oh Yeah!! Life is sweet!! Keep it coming sir!! What is your goal weigh in?

You make me want to get a bike and ride, ride, ride!! This summer will be interesting and I'm not sure how your sponorship(ing) program is going to work, but let me know!

Great Job!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Well, I'm working on it. Not having much luck yet, but I haven't been working it long yet. Corporate America is rather conservative don'cha know! My goal is 250,. but I think I'm gonna drop it down another 50 to 200. I selected 250 at first because I thought itn was attainable, and am realizing 200 is too!WOOOHOOO!

tayfur said...

well not many miles this week maybe 50 random terrain ( if anyone wants me to I'll be happy to yap about the geography of istanbul for hours and hours and houyr and....)

congrats on the weight loss thingie T. buddy!

Carolyn said...

I know stationary bikes are boring, but do it if you must. And I know you will! LOL! There is a bike that you can get with a big screen monitor attached. It plays videos where you interact by pedaling the bike to keep the plane in the air, for example. You keep up the pace and get points for things. It's like an arcade game but you really work at it, lol! There is one at the state park next door, costs 75 cents/game. I play 4-5 games and really work up a sweat on it. I got the name of the company off the back one time and called them about getting one for home use. They said they make them w/out the money box, and they cost $20,000!! I guess somewhere, some kid in Hollywood has one... lol!

tayfur said...

20 000 BUCKS! go out and get a fixie/single speed for about 200 smackers at most :D LOL

Dan said...

I wish I was able to log the kind of miles you are putting in - especially this time of year. Riding to work has become near impossible, and it seems to be dark the rest of the time! I'm glad I got out yesterday.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Dan, I wish I had more time to ride as well, 21 miles is a SHORT week for me! 150+ is my inseason weekly average! Of course I'm training for a summer tour on the bike! My goal is to ride to Key West this upcoming summer!

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