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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Spinner Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the second "Spinner Saturday"! My stats for the week are as follows:
-Miles: 86
-Terrain: Varied, flat and hills
-Caloric Burn: 9683
-Short ride: 7 Miles
-Longest ride: 40 miles
-Wind: Perpetual headwind!::GRIN::

I'd also like to send you to visit a friend of mine in Istanbul, Turkey! Tayfuryagi! If you click the title of this post above you will follow an embedded link to his blog! Check him out, he's a pretty cool cat! My miles are down this week as I'm kinda loaded down with classwork this week. I could only get 4 rides in. 3 nice weather(other than the $%#@ HEADWIND!).


tayfur said...

107 miles this week.
varied terrain, some very steep hills.
lots of headwind.
all on my road bike.

BIG Mike said...

If I say 5 of the flatest slowest miles in history how many people will laugh?

But I had my heart rate up in zone 3 for 5 extra hours due to university exams.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Cool, Tay! Sounding good!
Big Mike! I wouldn't laugh! I'm doing exams too! I barely had time to do ant riding, hence the low miles!

Al Maviva said...

Around 105 miles for the week plus a spin class.

Saturday - 30 miles of rolling terrain on the fixie. KCal burned - probably around 1800 - at my weight it's 750 an hour if I cruise, 1500 if I hammer, the two hours were mixed intensity. Fuel - a quart of gatorade *after* the ride. I did eat the hell out of some pasta for dinner afterwards though.

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