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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I can't post the graph this week on Spinner Saturday results

Sorry Guy's, I can't post the graph this week. To extract the graph from excel, I need to print it, and scan it to convert from excel to .jpg. My printer is currently down and the only other printer I have access to is at school, a low res text only B&W printer that needs cleaned so badly the paper turns gray as it runs through the printer, I'll have a double graph posted next week when I have my printer back on line for this week and next. By the way, keep track of recreational walking miles as well as I'm adding a category for hiking miles. That will be a seperate graph, so if I get the data, there may be three graphs next week. The walking/hiking graph, by the way, is at the suggestion of My friend Tayfur Yagci! His blog is over on my blogroll on the left, feel free to stop by and say "Hello arkadasim"!
I'd like to thank Arnold for stopping by with his comment as well(see above picture::GRIN::)


DT said...

Can't you just take a screenshot?

Alt + Print Screen

That will give you a screenshot of just the excel application. Should be easy enough to save it as an image in your favorite image program.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks! Showed me a hole, didn't know that!

Carolyn said...

Hey, you did get your sidebar up and going! Yay! Thanks for the nice blurb too, :D

DT's suggestion could work, but if not, you might try this: copy/paste or import your excel doc to Microsoft Power Point (if you have it on your PC). Choose "Blank Document" and work your excel doc in. You can save it as a .jpg File Interchange Format to your "My Pictures" folder or wherever you save to, then should be able to upload from there.

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