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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thirty mile day today!

I rode a loop from where I live, out to Battleground, IN and back in. I know one thing, I AM POOPED, the last 11 miles was against a 25-30 mph headwind. The bike I'm currently riding for training up has FLAT handlebars and a lot more rolling resistance than a roadie! Among other things, I'm running a pair of extremely HEAVY Geax Evolutions; a commuter tire, for my rubber/road interface! 880 grams apiece but bulletproof! 1000 miles on the tires and the mold hairs aren't even worn off of them! No cheating the wind for me! I cut across a road called Prophets Rock road, and while the hills aren't too tall, they're sure steep! Add in the headwind and I had to pedal downhill! No coasting possible and I got knocked around pretty good by the wind as well! I almost got blown off a bridge into the Wabash River by a particularily nasty cross gust! Still, all in all I had a fantastic ride! It would have been a 37 mile loop, but after 11 miles of headwinds, I couldn't feel my legs anymore and I was pretty bonked, so I wimped out and called my wife to come pick me and the bike up instead of riding the last 7 miles.
top: Murdock Park in Lafayette, my first break point, middle: Tippecanoe Battlefield Memorial through the trees, Bottom, me at Panera's recovering with some Dark Roast after the wife met me! Click the title of this post and link to another cyclists VERY COOL blog!


FatChick said...

Those are great pics! I love the different colors of the leaves in the trees. I always stop and admire them at this time of the year.

Congrats on making it as far as you did! That's an accomplishment in itself. I'm also glad you didn't fall off the bridge ::gasp::

~ FC

Tom said...

Thats what I'm talking about!
When you swallow your pride and call someone,especially your wife , to come get ya you know you've given it everything you had.


Peg said...

No wonder you like cycling!! I love the scenery you travel around in...Mine, just heads me to Pittsburgh! Not really good, I tell you!! ;-0}

And T? I am lucky to be able to cycle around my block!!

But, I will out walk you anyday!!

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