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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Grouse, Grouse, Grumble, Brumble, $%#@ WEATHER!

The weather here in Indiana is leaving a lot to be desired! Last night it was Tornados with one touching down about 35 miles from where I live here in Boilermaker City! F-1 but this is ridiculous! As I was saying, tornados and severe thunderstorms last night and snow today. 31 degrees right now and so windy it kept blowing my hat off! If ya ever want to see something funny, watch a fat man chasing his fedora across a parking lot! It's supposed to go down to 17 degrees tonight and I was planning a ride for tomorrow but it may well be too slick! Won't be too cold as I can dress warm, but if it's icy, I'll have to pedal a stationary bike! Don't get me wrong, but while it's good exercise, IT"S BORING! Who knows though, with this Indiana weather, next thing I know, they'll have a hurricane followed by a blizzard! Or maybe both together, like in the movie"The Day After Tomorrow"! By the way, my featured link is to "The Last Girl on Earth", the blog of Deni Bonet. This gal is a fiddler of some great skill and quite a rocker as well! Go check out her site and say "Stormcrowe sent ya!". The link is of course embedded in the headline of this post, as per usual!

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