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Monday, October 31, 2005

I have a new google group to serve as a forum!

This is intended to be a support forum and is open to the public. I am working on getting it set up completely, but it's up and running and has two threads started already! Feel free to join! As you can see, the post title is a link! I just found this capability on my template, and the link is to the homepage of my group!
Now, on to other business, If you want to post comments here on my blog, you have to register with blogger as I don't allow anonymous posts anymore due to spamming problems in the comment section. ]

To Fatty:
I just want to post a little bit about zen and cycling! You know you're in the zone when you get so far inside the ride you blank out and find yourself miles down the road! You are alert, and responsive, but in the zone is all that is! This is to be desired when you are on a long ride and I find as I get stronger in my riding, I find this state easier to achieve.

To Caloi:
You are welcome here anytime! Feel free to comment or email me! My blog is RSS syndicated through AtomXML
See Y'all later! Happy Halloween!

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