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Saturday, October 15, 2005

We walked the Wabash Heritage Trail today!

These are images from my Wife and my hike today on the Wabash Heritage Trail outside of Lafayette, IN. If you want forther information about this trail, which runs from Battleground, IN to Fort Quiatenon, just south of West Lafayette, IN along the Wabash River, you can get information at http://www.indianatrails.org

In the second picture, you see my wife by a tree near the trail, note the size of the tree! This tree probably predates the Revolutionary war by 100 years or so!


Peg said...

WOW!!! Beautiful country there!! And fall is such a wonderful time of the year!!

Hey T? Is all okay with your brother?

I'll talk to you soon, take care and have a great rest of the weekend--something tells me you will!! ;-0}

Al Maviva said...

Hey shrinker. I saw your comment at Fatty's place and thought I'd drop by. Congrats on the weight loss, don't slack off now just because you hit one milestone.

I got back on a bike in July of this year. I've lost 25 pounds since then, and am continuing to work on it. I need to drop another 50 or so, to get down to my fighting weight, and so far, nothing beats the bike for doing it. Though an occasional walk in the woods with the wife doesn't hurt! Keep on keepin on, bro.

Al Maviva

333 said...

Cool blog! Just about read all of it! Good idea of going into nursing you'll be in high demand!

Also great job on the weight loss, that amazing how much you've lost. keep it up!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yeah, all is well with my brother, Peg, he just closed the blog because he doesn't have time to keep up with it. As to him falling out of touch.....he lives in a third world country with sometimes screwy infrastructure! He was having server problems due to Typhoon damage in Taiwan apparently. His gateway was down and he had no internet access for a bit, along with a lot of other people in Cebu.

To Al Maviva! Thanks for the good word! Pitcairn, huh? Is that Pitcairn Island by chance? If not, where is Pitcairn?

To Laura, I tried to visit your blog to say hi and thanks, but you don't have it listed on your profile! BAD LAURA! ::GRIN::

A.K.A.B.U. said...

gorgeous T. That is a huge tree for that part of the country. WHat kind of tree was that? I am very interested in ecosystems...mainly the vegetation within.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

B.U., That was an ENORMOUS old Live Oak! I'd guess about three hundred years old! Kinda makes you feel insignifigant in the scheme of things!

Carolyn said...

What neat photo's! If I lived there, I'd "live there", lol! Thanks for sharing with us.

semantic overload said...

The place looks beautiful! Damn.. I miss hiking and outdoors... Waiting for thanksgiving weekend.. hoping ot hit Guadulupe Natl Park then :D

kris said...

just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

0You're welcome Kris! Not a problem at all!
This is for Alla, I kniow you don't post, you just tell me about it:
Получать тонко будет я не? См. вас в типе!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Я имел хирургию для того чтобы потерять вес и он работал. Я в настоящее время уменьшал 124 килограммами! Это с 2005 -го марта. Я надеюсь вы наслаждается этим местом и радушны для того чтобы прокомментировать или на русском языке или английский язык
Единственное место, котор я могу вывесить на русском языке находится в комментариях, поэтому я не могу вывесить на главным образом столб! Добро пожаловать к amazing человеку получая более мал!

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