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Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Chilly Ride This Morning

I'm all bundled up here, riding off to school to work in the computer lab( A good excuse for a ride!). It's 30 degrees this morning, just a nice crispness to the air! Feels like late Fall! It's surprising how much stronger I'm getting, the rides are getting easier and easier! I barely notice the upgrades anymore. I found a road bike I want to get, it's an old classic!~ 1970's Schwinn Continental, in like new shape, going to be $40.00, not bad huh? This bike is absolutely the right frame size and top tube length for me and should stand me in good stead on my Summer ride. My goal is Key West, Fl, and the only thing that will stop me; unfortunately, is finance! I'm trying to figure this out now. I have my route planned out 95% and am feeling good about the ride. Over the winter, I'll be riding a stationary bike at the IVTech fitness room as well as strength training and treadmill. Gotta keep that workout going, right? Well, enough rattling on for now! See y'all later!


Peg said...

Oh golly!! You need sponsors!! I think that is just too cool~!!!!

I ll be a talkin' to you soon!!

Carolyn said...

Wow, a ride all the way to Florida! On a bike too, how cool!! Like Peg said, sponsors? One idea might be your surgeon or clinic. Hey, you might need an RV or a van too for someone to drive alongside you (your wife if you're married) and pace/document your ride. An RV or van dealership might chip in and let you borrow one, or maybe Chevrolet for the ad publicity. Now lets see, would you be coming through WV? I'll think about something I can chip in too from around here.

Unless you didn't want all this publicity, but I was thinkin' I'd get ya on the news :D

That is a nice bike- the Continental of bicycles *thumbs up*.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

It'd take some rerouting, but I could go via WV! I have a van that I'm going to use for a support vehicle, BTW, a 92 Astro! That way I can tour light with no baggage on the bike and carry a laptop to keep my blog here up to date! Thanks for the idea about my surgeon for sponsorship as well! Email me your town if you want and I'll start route plan change! It wouldn't be to bad a detour because if I remember right you don't live too far from Ky line? Or is that where you were born there in WV? I remember you posted something about that! I'm also trying to set up a nonprofit foundation for support services for Bariatric Surgery as well so I can pass along MY good fortune and recovery to others. I think this is how things should be done! Right now, I don't want anyone to think I'm soliciting donations over my blog as I don't have things in place yet. However; when the time comes, I might be looking for help from volunteers to help co-ordinate things( People I trust)! Does this possibly interest you? This question would apply to Peg as well! Let me know, both of you, by email rather than on the blog! See ya soon!

atvsmurf said...

good for you :) you should post your intended route. then you may get some fellow riders to roll with you through various legs of your trip...or they may give you routes around construction, dangerous/crowded roads...
and btw glad to see you are in school, i returned 2 years ago and feel that i am better as a whole for it...

FatChick said...

Good going on still riding in the cold. I can't say that I would have the willpower to make myself go in those kind of temps.

~ FC

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