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Sunday, October 09, 2005

I started a new Yahoo Group.

The URL of my group is posted below: http://health.yahoo.com/group/theamazingshrinkingman so if you want to take a look, among other things I've uploaded a power point presentation there on eating disorders. If you want to check it out, that's where it is! The group is going to be an open forum..as long as the spam filter holds. It will be moderated for content, however, so don't join and post sapm either because you will be banned for that. The subject is dealing with the issues of eating disorders whether they be neuro-chemically based like mine ot behaviorally based. I have links to places like St Vincent Bariatric center in Carmel, IN and will be posting other links as I verify their credentials as to validity. My primary sources of information will be the National Institute on Mental Health(NIMH) and the American Psychiatric Society and the AMA. I will not be giving medical advice other than referring you to your doctor. I WILL to the best of my abilities try to give you accurate and reputable information from verifiable academic and professional sources.


Peg said...

Does sound very interesting!

A.K.A.B.U. said...

yes, t-s. people need to educated on such issues. Obesity is much more complex than most people realize

Peg said...

Hey T? What happened to inthefillipines? I keep getting URL not found! :-0...I have computer problems with all the road blocks inserted that deny creepy crawley things to get in my computer--maybe that's it?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I don't know, Peg! My brother isn't answering emails or getting on skype either! These are the only ways I have to contact him too!

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