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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well, good evening all!

Just a little post to let you all know I'm still on the planet! Things are going well in school and I'm preparing for my big presentation for Psychology 101. I chose eating disorders, imagine that! Big surprise there, huh? Well, I put together a really nice power point presentation. My first time working with this program. Well actually, I used Impress and saved it as a Power Point. I use open office myself! All the features of Microsoft office and 0% of the cost! That's right, it's a free linux base office suite and it's great! If I know how to put the presentation in my post I would so you could comment on it, but I don't! Anyone out there know how to do it?


Krista said...

Hello there :)

thanks for coming by my blog, I checked out Rachel F's blog and yes, there are some cool tunes there.

I don't know how to put it in your post, maybe upload your presentation somewhere and put the link on your blog, and then people can download it.

Carolyn said...

I'm not a whiz at this either or I'd offer. All I could suggest same as lady above. Would it be like a movie file? If so, you'd probably need to play through Quick Time or something?

Good luck on your studies. Sounds like you're coming along beautifully in your weight loss too!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks to both of you! Carolyn, I'm doing so fine I need to be two people to contain all that fineness! (Actually, I was!) I'm at -260 now as far as tha loss goes! Not bad for starting in March this year!

Tom said...

I also did a college paper on obesity years ago. Makes it easy writing on something ya know about. That was years ago though when a 8086 (really old computer) cost 5k.

Will your next paper be on biking?

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Yup, I remembefr the 8086! I remember thr TRASH_80 too and the first Apple! My very first computer was from Heathkit! Programmed in BASIC1! It had 7 bit RAM! Wowww, what a machine! Compare it to my current system, Dual 250g HD, paired 3.125 Pentium paralell processing, set up dual boot, Linux and XP! Whaty do you think the technogeeks(like myself) would have done for this system,....say about '74?

Peg said...

Hi all!! WEll, you know not to ask me anything technological, right!?
TEHEHE...would love to see the power point though!! Good Luck!

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