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Monday, October 03, 2005

Blogger tag strikes "The Amazing Shrinking Man"!

Well, Peg over at "Peg's Pen" just tagged me! OK, here are the rules!
1) Find your 23rd post, and then identify the fifth sentence.
2) Post that sentence on your blog!
3) I need to add 2 exceptions to the 23rd post rule! If your blog is too young for 23 posts, use the 5th post and the sentence containing the 23rd WORD in your blog! This also applies if you are tagged and the 23rd post has already been done by a previous tagging!

My victims are as follows:
Anonymous at "In the Filipines" aka my Kid Brother!
Blogger unknown
Carolyn at the Ginger Quill! (My revenge for starting this off!)
Baby loves Cabbage
Peg at "Pegs Pen"

My 23rd post, 5th sentence is "If you are wondering, breakfast is one ounce of meat and an egg". This was Monday, May 9th, 2005


Carolyn said...

LOL, you got me back! Ok, my 5th post, word #23: "hole"

Thanks for your comments on my blog too, I really appreciate your advice on the exercise. I killed myself making room and bringing in the treadmill for the winter! LOL! Maybe I'll even lose a few pounds too ;)

Peg said...

Okay T! 5th post 23 word is position...hmm...this is going to be rather interesting I see!!
Remember then at the very end you have to make a sentence from all those words! AHAHAHAHAHA!! ;-0}

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