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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Hurricane Wilma is headed toward my family in South Florida. Everyone is safe though, my parents evacuated from Naples and Gramps is in a safe facility at least to a cat4 hurricane with generators and a 4 week food and water supply. Remember the Red Cross at http://www.redcross.org as Wilma hits south Florida as well as the other relief organizations I have listed in prior posts. Now on to me! Weight loss, 280 pounds and I'm planning a ride this morning as soon as it gets warm enough. I'm going for 10 miles today. Should be a nice ride! Well, see y'all later!


Peg said...

I have some friends who evacuated the other day to Ga. and are now on their way to NC! Hope everyone will be safe!!

And Good for YOU!! *Peg's clapping, hands and knees!*

Have a great day, looks like it's clearing up!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

They're hanging a bit closer than NC, but things look good. The storm will be rolling through at 30mph and that should help a lot! It won't hang around like it did over Yucatan!

Carolyn said...

Hi, glad your family is safe! I sure hope this doesn't turn into another nightmare.

I'm getting on the treadmill- thanks for the inspiration! I am going to link you if that's ok?

FatChick said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my space!

I'll whisper a prayer for the safety of your family.

~ Fat Chick

Tom Stormcrowe said...

I just heard from my parents and all is well as far as rhey can tell! More on my next post!

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