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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Spent some quality time with my telescope tonight!

M31, Andromeda Galaxy(Top) and the Pleiades Cluster, or M45(Bottom)
I just thought I'd share these images from my time out stargazing.


Peg said...

OOOh now how cool is that!! Wow!! I wanna peek see through your telescope!! Pretty please!! ;-0}
Wow....those are really neat!!!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Peg! Astronomy IS a fun hobby, especially if you don't mind little things like sitting out in a field all night, getting cold and wet from the dewfall! I don't mind, by the way! It's all good, even when you go out in the winter when it's around zero or below(Dress warm then!). Actually, the colder it is, the better the seeing is! Cold air has less distortion to peer through! Any time ya wanna look through my telescope, you're welcome to pop on by! You have my email, so if you and the hubby ever get here to boilermaker country, at the least, I'll have to fire up the grill!

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