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Saturday, September 24, 2005

My new weigh in!

I have officially dropped 242 pounds! That's right, I am now below 350! By the way, I am getting the shotgun ready for hunting season! It opens soon! Wabbits and ducks beware! Coming soon to a hunting ground near you! Deer season too! I haven't been physically able to hunt for years and I am looking forward to Wild Duck stuffed with wild rice and citrus as well as Hassenpheffer made with wild rabbit too! Some venison sounds good too! I don't trophy hunt though, I have always eaten what I brought home after hunting! Those who just take a trophy and abandon the kill after are wasteful and foolish!


Peg said...

Hi T! Sure are looking good with that there gun in ur hands!!
And yepper, gonna get me some deer meat this year too! Saving room in the freezer for it!! Good omen, you know!!! ;-0}

dcb said...

Absolutely AWESOME!! After you posted in my blog, I actually went through EVERY month of your archives. Very inspiring, and very admirablbe. Keep up the great work. I truly think that someone like you can inspire and uplift a lot of people who may have lost hope about their situations. Keep it up!!

A.K.A.B.U. said...

denver...I did the same thing. I never go through people's archive...this is the only site I have. just think T. once you get into the two hundreds it you will go nuts. nice bottle of single malt scotch...not a big drinker, but once in a while thats one of my choices? lol

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Hmmm, single malt, huh? Excellent choice with any wild game meal! I like your style! Thanks Peg, and Denver and you too, Unknown!

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