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Saturday, September 03, 2005

These are my new weigh in results!

Well, I hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend. Before I get into my news, I'd like to remind everyone to donate to the Red Cross! Their website is http://www.redcross.org and there is a menu option to donate by credit card on the menu on the left side of the site! Even if it's only $10.00 it'll help! As I've said before, if enough people donate even the ten spot, the amount can be staggering! An alternative if you prefer would be the Salvation Army and their site is http://secure3.salvationarmy.org/donations.nsf/donate?openforum&projectid=USN-hurricane05 ! Please also remember to include the folk on the Gulf Coast in our prayers!
OK, on to my results! I lost another five pounds and this brings the total to 227 pounds I've lost since my surgery! If you're considering Bariatric services by the way, there is a web address at the header of my blog here for Saint Vincent Bariatric Services in Carmel, IN as well as my surgeons contact information. The results of this surgery are literally lifesaving!


Peg said...

Great Job, sir! You are looking good I might add! And I hope school is going well!?
Thanks for you comment on my blog in regards to Katrina! Insight is a valuable tool especially in times like these!


Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Peg! School is going extremely well, thanks for asking! Insight helps when emotion is running high and someone needs to step back and look at things in an analytical manner. Ramping up the emotion is great to generate a response to help people, but it can backfire as well by making people angry enough to say"Awww, to heck with it! No-one can do anything anyway!!"

This can be a very bad thing to happen!

Peg said...

I agree, but it looks as if things may be calming and getting the results needed...Don't know T, I just don't know.
Have a great one and get you homework done!! ;-0}

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