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Monday, September 12, 2005

Here's some of my weekend pics

This is us taking off on the ride to Cromwell! More pics coming as soon as I have time to crop and upload them! See ya later! (By the way, the next pics will be from the Stone Tavern Gathering! I also need to post a correction, Stone Tavern is actually in Ligonier, not Cromwell! OOPS!)


Peg said...

I'll forgive you this one time for your boo boo!! ;-0}\
Looks like you had a great weekend!! And by the way, I stopped by and visited your brother! Nice site he has erected!!
Later gator, got too much work from not doing any all day!! Shame on me! :-{

Peg said...

Hey question, the letters at the bottom, how exactly does that stop unwanted comments?

A.K.A.B.U. said...

thanks for coming by my goofy blog. All I have to say is your are linked tonight and I will be following your progress. I read back in your achives and just watched your emotions go through the roof as you started dropping the weight. It gave me a lump in my throat to see a person that happy and that driven. And there is no doubt in my mind that you will get to where you want. Sure there is a plateau effect and it will go off stronger, but thats alright because now you can up your activity level. I don't know you and you make me happy. Cheers.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks Blogger Unknown! I appreciate the comment!

Peg, the letters are word recognition id and they stop spammers from using machine readers or bot programs from dumping spam in the comments! I haven't had even one instance since I added this feature! it's in your settings on the comments submenu.......click yes on word recognition and republish your blog after saving the new setting!

Peg said...

AW!! So that's how that works!! Only problem is half the time I can't read the letters either!!

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