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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Sunday Morning Ride

I had a nice little 15 miler this morning. I rode while my beloved spouse did the laundry, CAD that I am!

Start point: Levee Laundry, West Lafayette
End Point: Levee Laundry
Route:State Street, to Grant, to Stadium, to the Cattrail Trail to Walmart, West Lafayette. Picked up the NW Greenbelt, to Soldier home road, Back up Cumberland to Yeager to Northwestern to Purdue Campus and then back to the levee!

Here's a link to the West Lafayette Trail system map, by the way! Check them out if you are in the area or if you want a nice ride and you aren't too far away!~ They are paved and out of traffic, and child safe, with benches and pavilions strategically located, especially along the NW Greenbelt! The Cattail, by the way is a great no traffic route if you cycle to go shopping as well! West Lafayette is truly a cycle friendly city, with lots of support from the City Government! Here's a Gmaps pedometer image of my approximate route. Blogger isn't cooperating with picture uploads tonight, so if you want to see the ride map, go to my MSN Space, it's there!


erica Molina said...

Is this a new look? I'm actually wondering if it's a different site. Way to go on your week's mileage. 156 is no small feat. Keep it up, Storm!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, Erica, been hee on blogger longer than my MSN blog, this is my original one! This has my archives from the early period post surgery, MSN just has some features I like better! I still keep this blog active as well through paralell posting for the most part!

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