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Monday, April 10, 2006

Spinner Saturday Graphs, April 10

Well, here they are, the Spinner Graphs for the week. I am still having problems uploading photos to Blogspot, so they are on my MSN site. We're looking good this week, that's for sure! Al's miles are down a bit but is tremendously improving on his road racing. This week was primarily a race week for him, so miles were down, but intensity was way up. Keep at it, Al!

As you on Friday, I hit my personal best ever one day mileage total, 76 miles! It seems I am a roadie after all! My best riding seems to involve pavement and traffic. I love riding trails, don't get me wrong, but what gets my blood pumping and heart thumping is a good long ride between towns! The sight of a road bike, loaded for touring or stripped down for racing gets me wanting to ride myself!

Groups Total Miles
Here it is, the second week of April, and the Spinner Groups annual miles total is pretty impressive! We've ridden 8097.41 miles as a group. Good job folks!
Weekly average:578.39 miles projected to 52 weeks: 300760.1 miles projected for the year at our current average rate of miles! Now, we're coming into Spring/Summer/Fall riding season, which is peak for most of us, (Unless you are a year round rider, like some of us on the board here), and I won't be surprised if as a group we top 40,000 miles or more!


erica Molina said...

so, i'm not wrong in pinpointing you as the man who shed, like, hundreds of pounds, no? well riding 76 miles in a day will do that to ya....

glad you've found the addiction, it's a good one.

Tom said...

76 miles?
Man, my butt would be killing me.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Actually, I've shed 341 pounds Erica, no kiddin! I'll tell ya, it feels great!

Tom, your butt gets used to the saddle very nicely!

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