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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spinner Saturday April 22 Edition

Training Program for Lotoja

By the end of Summer, this year, I plan to be able to ride a century. Next Summer's goal is double century. By June this year, my game plan is to consistently ride a century on a weekly schedule, every weekend. Right now, my personal best is 76 miles. Through the week, as time is available, I'll be doing uphill intervals, Caloi, here you can help me out with a training plan to do this. The biggest hill I have here as far as length is a 300 foot rise at 3%, or a 150 foot rise at 15.5%. Which will be the better training hill? The 15.5%'r is out in the county with a 14 mile ride to get there, by the way. I think I should be tracking HR, by the way, to improve aerobic threshold. Everyones feeling on that? I am new to race training. What I've been doing is basically endurance training, where I don't spin fast, but I spin a long time on the bike. I need to hold an average of around 20 mph or better to be competitive and thus far, I'm averaging around 16 or so. There is definitely room for improvement.

I intend to race Lotoja, by the way, rather than recreational ride it. That sounds more appealing to the competitive .....ahem.....person in my head! I don't actually care if I come in dead last, but I'll finish inside the time window. I saw Caloi's comment, by the way, in the last Spinner Saturday post to train for wind, Thanks, Caloi! I appreciate the tip. I'm open to any others you may have as well! It's your backyard after all!

Spinner Saturday

Well, as to my spinner miles this week, miles are way down, as of right now, I have a total of 46 miles in this week. I am in the Semester Crunch, and have to prep for finals. I also received some training tips from Mags over at Langkjøring! Feel free to drop by there to check out his bid to become the best athelete he can be. Now this is just my usual reminder, turn in your Spinner Saturday Miles so I can get them entered into the database. If you want to join the Spinner Saturday crowd, just let me know in my comments, and post your miles. It's free and a great training tool to build your aerobic base for endurance. You kind of compete with each other, but mostly compete with yourself for improvement. There is a fabulous prize as well for winning the contest with yourself! Health!

Some other great sites to visit, Fritz over at Cycle-liscious, Big Mike in Oz, Uncle Dan's Space, Jill, up in Alaska, The Immortal Fat Cyclist, for the best cycling humor and fake news you've ever read, and Kelly, aka MochaMomma, for the adventures of a teacher and literacy coach/ Grad Student! Let's also not forget Caloi Rider, over at the Uphill Battle, riding out in Idaho, being chased by Potato trucks!


Fritz said...

THanks for the mention and link, Tom! I'll check out some of these other blogs you've mentioned .

mags said...


Thanks for the plug. :)
I appreciate it!


Tom Stormcrowe said...

No problem, Mags!

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