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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Mrs Stormcrowe Update and an update on Lotoja plans

Well, an update on Mrs Stormcrowe, then I have to get cracking! She had a bronchioscopy today, and they got a look at the lesions and mass. They did decide to do a biopsy. We are now waiting on Biopsy results. Mrs Stormcrowe is doing much better as far as pain goes. The pneumonia is being beat back very well by the antibiotics. Blood O2 saturation is back up to 95%, so lung volume is coming back nicely as well as gas exchange. She is off supplementary oxygen and they suspended cardiac monitoring. Now all we need to hear is the News that the mass and lesions are benign vs malignant.

Lotoja 2007

Plans for Lotoja 2007 are unchanged as of yet, barring disaster. I still plan to race it. Mrs Stormcrowe is backing that 110%, Lord love her.

I'd like to thank everybody for their kind words, either on my blogs or by email. They are most appreciated, by both of us! Well, I have to get back to the hospital after dinner, so I had better get cracking. I had to turn in some of the Mrs schoolwork so I figured I'd grab some dinner and post an update. Have a great one, all of you and ride safe! Keep Spinning


Christa said...

Good to hear that she's improving and is feeling better. Pneumonia can be difficult to get rid of and I know exactly how icky that can get. Could that mass be some sort of side effect from that perhaps?

You will both be in my thoughts and keep us posted.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Thanks for the kind words, Christa, they are appreciated!

Tyler's Story said...

Glad to hear she is feeling better Tom. Myself and Joey are both praying for her.

Good luck on the race as well bro.!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

hope things get better ---

Carolyn said...

She's in my thoughts & prayers too. Hope the lung mass is not serious. Take good care of her Tom!

Peg said...

Hey T! Keep the posts a coming...gonna get a country sweep in on prayers!!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Already been a global range of comments on those lines, you should see my yahoo inbox! Mrs Stormcrowe is gonna be floored! Right now, as of this morning I had 9700 emails in the yahoo inbox that I have posted as a contact on my MSN blog!

-=JD=- said...

Sending Big HUGZ & tons of well wishes. Just wanted you both to know each of you are in Tyler's & my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith.
Just a quick comment..I love how you refer to your wife as "Mrs"..It'z just too cute ;) ..It seems as if you are deliberately making the connection that she is yours & vice/versa.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

What can I say, Joey, I'm old fashioned! ::GRIN:: All I an say is that I hope you and yler can experience the same kind of joy that The Mrs and myself have!

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