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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spinner Saturday for April 1!

First off, Erica:
I'd like to remind everyone that Erica is competing in the Lavaman this weekend and we need to support her efforts! GO, ERICA GO! if you click Erica's name, it'll take you to the Lavaman site, and the Go Erica Go takes you to her blog. Do drop by and wish her well for her race tomorrow!

Tayfur Yagci:
Our rider from Istanbul was slated for his first distance ride this weekend, but bike trouble knocked him out of the race. Sorry to hear that Tayfur, but it does happen. You'll have more training time for your next try anyway!

April 1: Walmart Bicycle Partnering Agreement
In honor of April the first, I am officially announcing that a big box store that starts with W and ends with Mart is picking up a new line of bicycles by entering into a partnership with Rivendell Bicycles diametric opposite, Mordor Cycle works. The new Walmart line, a semirigid mountainbike called the Orc, has a new concept in bicycle frames, with tubestock being recycled from the used PVC plumbing from old mobile homes and the handlebars recycled from Electrical conduit from the same source. Walmart management says this is an effort to help reduce the clutter in older trailer parks. In addition, Walmart and Mordor Cycles is conducting research into developing a full suspension mountain bike with suspension components recycled from old cars on blocks in the same trailer parks.
Mandatory disclaimer: This post in no way reflects the products and policies of Walmart

Spinner report:
Ok, on to business! Looks like we're doing great on miles this week! I have yet to figure out though, whether Al Maviva LIVES on his bike! He turned in 195 miles this week, great job, Al! I'm still waiting on a few peoples data, but will be posting the charts on Monday as usual. Let's get our miles posted in those of that haven't!

If you want to join Spinner Saturday, it's as easy as falling off of a log! Just post in to my comments you want to join. An alternative method is to email me at gunsel2001(at)yahoo(dot)com and say hey Tom, I wanna join up! There isn't any prize for joining but for one! Your health and fitness!

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