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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spinner Graphs for April 1

Good morning all. Here are the graphs for the first Spinner Saturday in April. As you can see the mileage range is quite wide with the following standing. A little housekeeping is in order as well! First, I'd like to welcome Psycho Cyclist and Shawn Kielty to the Spinner Saturday, so let's make them feel welcome!

My name seems to have fallen off the graph due to the vagaries of open office. As I add people, the graphing program sometimes drops the name on a column. If your name disappears, remember who you are between and you'll see your data is still there!

Place Standing for Miles
1.Al Maviva- 195 miles
2.Big Mike 159 miles
3.Arctic Jill 119.7 miles
4.Uncle Dan 116 miles
5.ShawnK 85.1 miles
6.Psycho 70 miles
7.Tom Stormcrowe 52 miles
8.Gorilla 50 miles
9.Yelme 35 miles
10.Caloi Rider 30 miles
11.DanonBike 13.1
12.Tayfur Yagci 3 miles
13.Pernicious 0 miles reported
14.TimD 0 miles reported
By the way, we've already put a group total of 928 miles on the board this week!
Miles include March 26 miles to April 1 miles.


It's getting on time for the PHAT-K to resume as well, so a quick review of how that works.
Course length: 1000 meters or .62 mile.
Type: Crit! It's a short loop, and you measure it out
Start type: Rolling
Essentially, if you've never ridden a spring, you pedal mash as fast as you can through the course. You are competing against yourself and the clock. Never mind what the others times are, the goal here is to improve YOUR times one after the other! There isn't really any comparison between your time and the other guys, because some of us ride mountain bikes, some of us ride roadies, or Track bikes, or in my case, a light tour/commuter with fat tires! Basically, there's no common ground for comparison other then percentage of improvement. I ran my first PHAT-K of the year this weekend and turned a time of 109.22 seconds, which was significant improvement over my time last time I ran the PHAT-K on a bike! That time was 155.35 seconds! This was a 46 second decrease in time over the winter! I think my fitness must have taken a SLIGHT turn for the better........ ya think? I guess it's just easier to make some speed if you are lighter in weight!

I weighed in yesterday, and the weight loss has continued, albeit much slower. I really don't have a huge amount of fat left to lose now! My last weigh in put me at 259, and this one was 254. I an getting to the point I've had to add holes to the belt I bought less than a month ago! I was using our home scale and I checked it against the hospital scale yesterday, and the home scale was reflecting 10 pounds less weight than the hospital scale, so previous statements placing my weight at 249 were inaccurate, it was 259! Sorry, it was a MALPH of the scale!

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