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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spinner Saturday, Once More into the Breach!

Well, here it is, Spinner Saturday, once again! My miles for the week are 60.

BigMike, by the way was able to shrink his letter g to lower case(Even if he did just avoid having to grow mutton chop side burns)! Drop by his place to see what I'm talking about, in his "Revolution Challenge" He only had 16.2 miles this week according to his email this morning, but I can understand him not wanting to ride in tropical cyclone weather(Their equivalent of a hurricane).

Tayfur Yagci is competing in a marathon race, 26 miles on Sunday, April 2, so let's all wish him a great race! This is a marathon by bike, with a 1000 meter elevation climb in the 26 mile course. Go Tayfur, Go!

As usual, I'll be posting the graphs on Monday, as I'm still getting the data in! Have fun all of you and Keep pedaling!


Peg said...

Just popped in to say Hi!! Looks like all is the same here, you still grooving and moving!!
Hey T, good to see ya...weather should be breaking soon and then you'll be riding high!!
Until then, take good care!
all my love,

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Willdo, Peg, willdo! You do the same, ya hear?

C. H. Green said...

Who is Big Mike? Can you point me to a link to his blog?
Enjoyed reading about your bariatric surgery. My husband and I are considering the lapband surgery.

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