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Friday, March 10, 2006

Headed out in the Morning

Hello, I'm heading out in the morning on my 256 miler! All is ready and the bike is loaded, except for hanging my front panniers on the rack! I'll have a ride report when I get back, have a great weekend and week, everyone!There should be some ride reports posted by MrsStormcrowe over at my MSN Blog, to go there, click this posts title!


Tom said...

I'll be thinking about ya.
Good luck and I hope ya got the great weather that like we have here in the mid atlantic.

sister celtic said...

GOD BLESS BRO HAVE A GOOD ONE YA HEAR.. TUNA IS GOOD as for the other shizad "No"...thankyou

LZ Blogger said...

Good luck! Ride Safely! ~ jb///

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