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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Health update

Well, I had a sleep study done last night! This was to assess my sleep apnea. I did quite well, no stoppages and held O2 sats most of the night! I did have to go on 1 liter of O2 for the last half of the night. This is a signifigant improvement in my physical health, believe me! A Year ago, if I had tried to sleep without the BIPAP and O2, I would have had a statistically signifigant chance of dying! I was set a 17/20 cm pressure and 7 lpm on the respitatory equipment(for those of you who understand this!). What it means is on breath intake, I needed 20cm extra pressure to prevent the breathing stoppage, and then on the expiration, the pressure dropped to 17 cm additional pressure to ease breathing out. I have also lost another 6 pounds since my last weight check! WoohooThis makes total weight loss at 331 pounds!

I have a request of those of you that have media sources, by the way. In the Indiana Business Journal, they were talking about an initiative by the government to force insurance carriers to ease restrictions on bariatric surgery, and I'd like to get as much info on this as possible. This is a bandwagon I would like to jump onto! I had severe difficulties getting my surgery approved and would like to help others that need itto get the approval more easily and cheaply than me! If I hadn't had the support and assistance of my Wife, Uncle, Aunts, Parents, Lawyers, and everyone else involved, I probably would be dead instead of writing this post! That's how bad my health had gotten! I'm not advocating bariatric surgery for a few pounds weight loss, by the way, but I am if it means a lifesaving procedure! The simple fact of the matter is this, that you can help someone find their way out of a literal hell on earth! That being the situation where a person is trapped in a body that's coming apart at the seams due to an either metabolic or eating disorder. Another way that you could help would be to email or fax or write your representative in DC that this is of concern to you! I normally don't dabble into politics here on my blogs, but this time I am making an exception! I have a voice here and the issue is extremely important to me! Refer tham to my blogs here and at Blogspot to let them see how their action CAN help people (or hurt them!) My MSN address, by the way, is http://spaces.msn.com/theamazingshrinkingman/

By the way, I was just emailed a link by my lawyer, Judy! It's to a similar story to mine! Click here for the story of Joseph Huber!


Peg said...

Will check into this one and congrats on the O(2) and another weight loss!!
Cheering ya on T!! :-0}

sister celtic said...

oh my gosh your the miricle amazing shrenking man.. i will ask my friend keeli in michigan as she has shedded lots of pounds through the surgery she helps people all the time.. would you e-mail her if i send the address.. she would welcome it..also she goes and is helping a woman that she knows that had it as well.. she is finally able to sit up and try to stand which she was doing aweful and rehab was sooooo slow..cheering all you dear friends on..God bless..

Tom Stormcrowe said...

If you want to, give her MY public address, that way she has the option instead of just hearing from me out of the blue! I'll be happy to correspond with her!

Tom Stormcrowe said...

it's gunsel2001@yahoo.com, by the way!

C. H. Green said...

wow thanks for the info

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