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Friday, March 17, 2006

Catch Up Post

March 17
MY entry to Caloi's Contest

It's not a bicycle company, or equipment. I thought I'd go another route, Adventure tours! The Photo is Sourced from a Scottish Bicycle site...I'd appropriately credit it, but I can't remember the site! It's been on my 'puter for over a year!
Mandatory Disclaimer: This Company does not exist and the phone number is not valid, nor is the web address!

The headline of this catchup is a link to my MSN Space, drop by and meet me through video1(You will need internet Explorer to be able to view the video...Sorry Firefox and Mac users!

March 16 A Little Housekeeping Spinner Saturday
Spinner Saturday was put on hold for my little vacation last week! All of your miles are going on this weeks Spinner Report, so please get them to me Saturday evening, or Sunday at the latest! As a reminder, walking, running, cycling, spinner bike, all of these categories count! I am still a bicycle commuter by necessity, but I may have found a car! Wish me luck!

Other Business Stopping Smoking

I am participating in a challenge, as I posted earlier! So far so good.....smoke free! You can watch this over at STOP IT!, a blog I am participating in with Christa from AwfulSouls!


sister celtic said...

hi tom where is your msn so i can view..thanks...my blog is not working...ugh.

Tom Stormcrowe said...

Click on the words Catch Up Post in the title of this post you are commenting on and you will go there. I embedded a link in the post headline! There is also a sidebar link as well to my MSN blog here!::GRIN::

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