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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Catch up post, the last few days!

The text below are the last few posts from my msn blog, I haven't had time the last couple of days to keep up onn both, so here's your catch up! Be sure to check out the video greeting I have linked below! This is the welcome message from my msn blog, so pleased to meetcha!::GRIN:: Here are the Spinner Charts by the way!

March 08
I am now a bike commuter by Necessity
My van threw a fit yesterday on my way home from my appointment with my surgeon yesterday, in Carmel, IN. On the way home, I am pretty sure I either blew a head gasket or cracked the block. White smoke was billowing out the tailpipe suddenly and I now have antifreeze in the oil and all my coolant disappeared! After things cooled down, I had to get the van home the last 15 miles, so we put in coolant and limped home. This morning, the engine was locked up. I'm pretty sure it's a hydraulic lock(Antifreeze in the cylinders) but have my doubts as to whether the engine survived the experience. Minimum repair cost is going to be around $800.00. It may be a case of RIP, ol' van!. If any more happened, of course, the repair cost goes up! AAAAAAAARGH!

On the flip side:
1) As long as the weather holds, the bike trip is still on!
2) At least it's more or less Spring
3) My surgeon gave me a clean bill of health to start core exercises to strengthen the Abs and Obliques
4) At least I have the bike!
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March 06
Spinner Saturday Graphs, The First for March!
Here they are, the Spinner Charts! Most of us did very well this week! Dan and MotherStormcrowe are both bikeless this week......tuneup time, in the shop!
We'll be having a new member appear next week, so let's welcome Yelme, a hoosier cyclist also doing the shrinking thing! Welcome Yelme!
This is a short post, I'm prepping for a midterm tonight in Anatomy! Blech!
Countdown to Lake Wawasee trip: 4 days!

Here's another cool link: Click here to see the website one of my readers threw together for me, Thanks Sister Celtic, it's pretty cool! A little hard to live up to, but cool nonetheless! Sister Celtic comments in on my blogspot site, and has been one of my blog buddies for a while! Drop by and tell her I said Hi!

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March 05
Check Out My New Toy!
I just added the welcome message! Don't worry, I'll change it fairly frequently!
Make sure the sound is on!
*Note, the Windows Mediaplayer only works with IE, sorry, Firefox doesn't support it! Clich here for the video also!

Al Maviva Race Results: Click here to view Al's lates race post over at CF! Great JOB Al! Keep it up, you're doing the Spinner Saturday Gang proud!

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