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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bicycle Commuting For Better Health

Not to mention a lower Gasoline bill!

Now that Spring is just around the corner, I think it's time to consider bicycle commuting to school or work. There are several advantages to this!
Slimmer waist line
It doesn't cost $2.31 a gallon to operate a bike
The only greenhouse gases you produce are from eating beans!

You don't have to have the most expensive carbon framed racer to enjoy the commute either, as a matter of fact, all you really need is a basic bike! I personally ride what is referred to as an Urban Commuter. Basically, it's a mountain bike with flat handlebars and a rack on the back. I use a street tire called a commuter, which is reinforced with Kevlar®.

The joys of cycle commuting are manifold, with benefits such as just plain time. You can get into your own head on the ride, it gives you time to think. This is a precious commodity in these fast moving times. You have time to get over being mad at the boss on your way home. The family dog will definitely thank you for this!

Your spouse will notice the tighter muscle tone, and will appreciate the new view! Your coworkers will probably think you are nuts, but if you think about it, who's the one that is nuts? The person getting the benefits of the exercise, as well as the stress reduction? Or is it the person trapped in a steel box rushing to get to work, scarfing down a donut and coffee while driving, cussing at the other drivers, while balancing the cellphone in one hand, the donuts and coffee in the other, driving with their knees? Which one of these are you? Which one would you like to be?

Photo©2006-Tom Strormcrowe

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